Coconut oil, olive oil, butter, cholesterol lowering margarine.... Confused – cannot see the wood for the trees anymore? An Omega-3 index test will tell you whether you are eating sufficient healthy fats and will show which foods are best avoided.


Margarine with linoleic acid or cholesterol lowering plant sterols, sunflower, safflower or hemp seed oil, coconut oil... There are many misconceptions about healthy nutrition and the right fats. And yet it is quite simple: we should eat more Omega-3 and avoid trans fats whenever possible. Olive oil (Omega-9) is also a healthy option. Vegetable oils (Omega-6), however, should be used in moderation.

How do you know whether you are consuming enough Omega-3? And is your nutrition too high in saturated fats and trans fatty acids? An Omega-3 test will tell you in detail which fats are common in your diet. A tiny drop of blood is enough to measure 26 different types of fatty acid. It will tell you the exact amounts of Omega-9 and Omega-6 fatty acids, saturated fats and trans fats you are ingesting. The Omega-3 index is the most important one: to maintain a healthy heart your blood must contain at least 8% Omega-3.
  • Omega-3: DHA and EPA in particular are extremely healthy; found in oily fish and high quality fish oil supplements
  • Omega-6: not unhealthy as such, but we are consuming too much; found in vegetable oils and margarine from maize, sunflower seeds, sesame, safflower, peanuts...
  • Omega-9: very healthy; found in olive oil
  • Saturated fatty acids: best in moderation: sources include animal products (meat, milk products), coconut oil, palm oil (often found in industrially processed foods) and cocoa butter
  • Trans fats: harmful, preferably to be avoided altogether; found exclusively in processed foods such as crisps, cakes, pastries, margarine, sauces, ready meals.

With our test kit establishing your Omega-3 index is as easy as pie.
There’s no need to visit a doctor or laboratory for a blood test.

1. Order the test kit online

2. Take a blood sample at home using a simple finger prick test

3. Send away the sample

4. Receive a detailed report two weeks later.


The HS-Omega-3 Index is provided to you by Omega Metrix Lab and Prof. Dr C. von Schacky.
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